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Hi all! I am trying to loose all the weight I gained from bi

Hi all! I am trying to loose all the weight I gained from binge eating. I was 2 weeks on a calorie deficit. Did a lot of exercise but since 3 days I started feeling low energetic and down. Today, I ate way more than I planned to and fear that I might give in to a huge binge. I do not want. As I am 800kcal over my planned calorie limit, I would have to do so much exercise and I just feel so tired of it. What should I do? Giving in feels so tempting as I "already" messed up today.

Mar 19, 2017

Don't give in you can do this Bianca. We are going to have slip ups but doesn't mean to break the good cycle of what you are doing. Hang in there. xo

Mar 19, 2017

Hey there. I did not totally give in. I ate more that day but not what I usually would eat during a binge. Also, I went for a run afterwards which felt pretty good. I am back on track today. I think the most important thing is that we make it "back". One slip is not that bad, but if I slip I am so tempted to not care at all and this is when the bad stuff happens. Thanks for you comment Jennipain!

CoffeeCup11's picture
Mar 19, 2017

Hey Bianca, it's great that you recognize that one slip doesn't mean to cave in and start the binge up again. That takes a lot of willpower and that's the type of mindset you should have when dealing with binge temptations. Good job girl!


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