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Hey there! Having been bulimic in the past, I have overco

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Hey there!

Having been bulimic in the past, I have overcome the purging part. However, during rough (/depressive) times I still struggle eating normal and often end up binge eating.

This week has been really tough and so I ended up here - looking for somebody who struggles with the same issue?

Would be glad to being able to talk with somebody at times!

Oct 17

I struggle with this as well. I had a brief bulimic period when I was 17 and have binge ate ever since. I have a book, it is called Anatomy of a Food Addiction, that describes it well. Any food addiction has several components, and I think of it in three parts, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Physical as in chemicals in the brain make you addicted to certain foods, emotional as in emotional eating when sad or experiencing unpleasant emotions, and spiritual as in how the addiction impacts your soul. Its a really good book I can quote you some of the passages. Feel free to message me anytime, you have my support!

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Oct 19

I'd love to get in touch with you. However, in order for me to be able to write you personally, you have to support me to. If you are interested in texting with each other, I would be pleased!


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