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Hey everybody.. new to this site. Things have been a mess an

Hey everybody.. new to this site. Things have been a mess and idk where to even go with this. I’m a guy, and this is uncomfortable for me to talk about.. even to write about it makes me uncomfortable but I think it might be good to get it out in the open and get some feedback from people. I deal with anxiety and depression.. my depression has been for the most part in check, but I have been dealing with some social anxiety issues which brought on some binge eating habits. They’ve been going on for quite some time. I’m 33, a gym rat (but I’ve been injured and need surgery soon) but I’ve gone through this for probably over 20 years. I hate myself for it. I feel like I subconsciously sabotage my life and have pushed so many people away because I’ve avoided social situations and places where there may be “unhealthy” foods and groups of ppl. It sounds so stupid when I look at this, but it’s fristrating and terrible. I can keep going but I think this is a good start for now. Looking forward to hearing from everyone

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May 16

Glad you are here. Have you condsidered therapy as well. I know as a guy it might feel like you are the only one, but there are lots of guys who deal with eating disorders. Proud of you for making the decision to face this.

May 17

Welcome. I can relate to your story. I can remember many occasions when I wished the evening with friends, significant others, children, family would end so I could be alone with food. I also am very familiar with avoiding situations because I am trying to diet and I don't want temptation. I have struggled with it all for years too. I have been free of this behavior for about a month now, and I owe part of that to resources I learned about on this site. Anyway, I am glad you are here and talking about it.


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