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Hello, I have been struggling with various forms of eating


I have been struggling with various forms of eating disorders for quite some time now and until this point, I have been too stubborn to write about my experiences with others. I have been seeing a therapist for more than six months but progress seems unbearably slow and need something else to turn to than food. My therapist has been encouraging me since the first day that we met to find an online support group to talk to. However, I disregarded him until recently when I realized how little progress I have actually made. Reading the comments posted on this support group encouraged me to join and post a comment of my own. I seem to relate to nearly all of the the previous comments on this discussion board. I hope to be able to find a supportive group of people to help me stay honest each and every minute of everyday. Please help me!

Apr 17

I have had almost every eating disorder possible. I absolutely hate food! I will binge eat at night after starving all day. I am most happy when I to go all day and night with no food. I seen a therapist for a while but I stopped when she started threatening me with my kids. I most definitely make sure they have food because just cuz I hate food with a passion doesn't mean they do. I would love to help you any way I can I know the struggle I am trying to get better on my own now.


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