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Hello, I am working on discipline and delayed gratification.

Hello, I am working on discipline and delayed gratification. Both are very challenging,ughhh! However, they are leading to progress, so I will continue working it and learning. I am having to push past that part of my thinking that says "you don't have to work out today", or "you have done enough, you need not finish your workout." Yep, I am going to root out this stinking thinking and deal with it!!!

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Mar 13

@certifiedangus Thank you so much! Your support makes a difference for me.

Mar 13

@Lisa22 Great to hear you are doing well! I am also doing well, sometimes I eat just a bit more at breakfast for which my mom nags at me but other than that these days I have fortunately been on track with my eating and more or less other areas of my life as well. I hope the way we are right now stays forever, but I have a feeling it won't and there comes a day when we feel very emotional and things can easily go out of hand there so we need to be prepared.

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Mar 15

@Lisa22 Lisa, how do you go about practicing discipline? Maybe that's a dumb questions, but I don't understand what it means to do so.


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