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Handling a binge or overeating is so easy to plan and then s

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Handling a binge or overeating is so easy to plan and then so hard to do. Yesterday I overate after six good days. I felt so bad. Trying to lose a little weight

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Apr 14

Well, you had 6 great days that show you are capable of succeeding (and that's a nice chunk of time) . .. don't let one slip get you down. I often have plans to resist certain foods as well . . . for me, stress and anxiety are what often trigger my failures to resist. These foods produce a certain "relief" (high carb or sugar foods) and they calm me down or give me the dopamine increase I need . . . doesn't even have to be a lot of the food to hurt my system too . . . anyway, I really need to review some coping skills that I can put into play when I have the stress or anxiety in order to avoid the weakness with my comfort foods.

Have you noticed if you have any triggers before you slip on your diet?

Oh, and it's been a couple of days since your post, so how have these past two days been for you?

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Apr 16

Hi. Have been absentee over the weekend. The weekend was pretty good. I had munchies, but didn't binge. I think boredom and stress are my triggers, other than eating one something sweet that makes me want more. I just struggle to know how to deal with those.


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