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DAILY SUPPORT CHAIN FOR THOSE SUFFERING FROM PURGING CHALLENGES: How did your Wednesday go? If you suffer from purging, please use this train so others with a similar challenge can hold themselves accountable and receive needed support from those who also experience a purging disorder.

Oct 12

Any one of you willing to agree to try using the Ten Minute Pause Strategy when experiencing a binge urge? Here's my challenge: In a recent post, the dealing skill was introduced of delaying all unplanned eating for just 10 minutes. During that delay period, determine what is causing your urge. Are you anxious? Then determine an appropriate activity that lessens anxiety. Perhaps a walk, meditating, a gym workout etc. but don't eat. If you're feeling lonely, choose an activity that is specific for feelings of loneliness such as calling a friend or family, writing a letter or calling to setup a social interaction, but don't eat. If you're feeling bored -- turn off the t.v. and deal with the boredom by changing your routine for the evening. Do something socially, work on a favorite hobby etc. I'm asking all of us to report on our daily accountability check in if we used this technique each day instead of simply giving in to food urge. Let's support each other in doing this additional task for our program. Let's end the doldrums and move forward in our recovery.

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