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can anyone tell me how something that should be so simple fo


can anyone tell me how something that should be so simple for you to overcome isnt? but how going to see someone is suppose to fix it all? how is it someone else can fix you but you cant? does anyone else feel or wonder how a psychiatrist or therapist can help you but you cant?

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Nov 7

@rosekb i think it's hard for us to help ourselves because we're so close to the situation to see it clearly. Having someone else work through your issues with you can sometimes make it a lot easier to tackle. It's worth a shot right?

Nov 9

@rosekb I think it's hard because we get so used to living a certain way and using food to deal with emotions that when we don't do it, it's too difficult, it doesn't feel real and it's unsettling and uncomfortable. What else will we do? Even if you go to therapy, talk about it, improve your life, etc. difficult emotions are always there . The more years that go by that we keep up the behavior, the more it's ingrained in us, the harder it is to stop. It's a part of us. How can you just wake up and not have it be a part? I haven't figured that out yet anyways.

Nov 12

I think they have experience with things that help us to see things in a different light sometimes. I dont think they fix us but sometimes help guide us to see things in a new way.


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