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Being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder has left me isol

Being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder has left me isolated and much less mobile than before, and I've become addicted to takeout. I feel like I'm just making excuses for myself and don't know how to break these terrible cycles of self-hatred.

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Apr 20, 2017

We are here for you. We know exactly how you feel. My advice is to just stay active with this group because it's a great support system and makes a difference when you feel lonely and isolated.

Apr 20, 2017

Just wondering about the effect of eating fast foods on your auto-immune situation? Have you received any dietary counseling? I'm only guessing but eating an "anti-inflammatory diet might be indicated for you. Please consider seeing a dietitian for his/her advice. Also, you're the only one who can deal with your feelings of self-hatred. This is a learned form of disordered thinking. A recommended practice with any form of negative feeling is through your self-talk, challenge any negative thinking talking back to yourself with a challenging positive statement. This may be difficult to do if you've imprinted strong self-hatred messages and you may have to "fake it until you make it." For instance, if you hear yourself saying, "I'm fat and ugly." Counter with a strong verbal response such as "CANCEL!" "CANCEL! " And then make a positive correction such as, "God created me to be a beautiful creature with many loving and caring traits. In his eyes, I'm beautiful." Learning to immediately challenge your negative self-judgments with a positive affirmation will change your negative self criticisms with a more positive self-evaluation if continually practiced overs time.

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