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After falling of the wagon, I have abstained from binge eati

After falling of the wagon, I have abstained from binge eating for 7 days now. I feel fabulous! My clothes fit better, my energy is up, and I am going around the house thinking of Justine Timberlake's song lyrics, "I'm bringing sexy back." Big grin.

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Mar 14

@Lisa22 I'm so happy for you for not binge eating for 7 days! That's excellent! Are you still binge free?

Mar 16

Thanks so much for celebrating my success with me! Yes, I am still binge free, but Lord, it gets challenging! It seems like all the issues and feelings that have been suppressed by using food instead of feeling them, now come to the surface, in a big way! If that makes sense? So, I am journaling, going to meetings, saying lots of prayers and trying my best to manage the onslaught. Trying to find other non-food means of comfort. I am learning a lot. I could really use your positive thoughts or prayers, if you are willing. How are you doing? Thanks again :-)


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