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After binging two days in a row yesterday I tried to get bac

After binging two days in a row yesterday I tried to get back on track. I then end up binging hard yesterday. Within a half hour I felt sick. But it didn't stop there, it went on for well over an hour. Today I am back on track but feel like crap. I also feel depressed for what I did yesterday, I am very much ashamed. My binges have gotten so bad that me and my husband had to stop planing for a baby, till I get this under control. I cant help but feel worthless. I just want recovery, I want to get my life back into control. Recovery just seems like a far reach at this point.

Believerinbetter's picture
Oct 9

Yes, I know what u mean about feeling worthless after a binge. It really sucks. You're not alone and trust me recovery is still possible (this is coming from someone who isn't recovered). Hey atleast you're back on track today.

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Oct 10

Thank you. I was doing great and then I don't know what happened. I went a year without binging. How I slipped back I have no idea. But I am trying to do things differently. I dont know what is worse, the binges or the feeling that you get after a binge. Today is a new day and I'm going to try and keep my head up.


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