ADVANTAGES FOR RECOVERY: The preponderance of posts at this


ADVANTAGES FOR RECOVERY: The preponderance of posts at this site emphasize the angst, pain and frustration of having an eating disorder. These comments, although legitimate originate from our "Eating disordered Self" side. Here are some "Healthy Self" comments that have been put together to remind all of us of the positives for dealing with our recovery. Why not copy any of these statements that ring true for you plus add some of your own ideas to this list. A daily reading of this list may be helpful to you but please read your list as often as possible: ADVANTAGES FOR RECOVERING FROM MY EATING DISORDER

1. I’ll look better
2. I’ll be more attractive to others
3. I’ll be able to wear more stylish clothes
4. I’ll get joy out of shopping for clothes
5. I won’t feel so self-conscious
6. I’ll get more complements
7. I’ll be in better health
8. I’ll be able to exercise with less discomfort or embarrassment
9. I’ll live longer
10. I’ll feel better physically
11. I’ll have more energy
12. I’ll be more physically fit
13. I’ll enjoy sexual intimacy more
14. I’ll like myself more.
15. I’ll feel more in control
16. I’ll feel I’ve accomplished something important
17. I’ll have more confidence
18. I’ll increase my self esteem
19. I’ll be less self critical
20. I’ll be more outgoing
21. I’ll do more things (go to the beach etc.)
22. I won’t have to hear my family and friends make comments about what I’m eating.
23. I’ll be able to be more assertive.
24. I won’t mind eating in front of others.
25. I won’t have others bugging me about my weight//appearance.
26. I’ll be a good role model for my children.
27 I won’t feel the need to eat in secret.
28. I’ll get my life back
29. I’ll be able to become more creative and effective because I won’t have to think about food all the time.
30. I’ll be able to free myself from such obsessive behaviors and calorie counting, excessive weighing and compulsive exercise behaviors.
31 I’ll become more tolerant of my mistakes and vulnerabilities as a human being.
32. Add your own personal reasons.

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May 19, 2017

Yes so love xo


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