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Spending my Saturday night hanging at the house with my beau

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Spending my Saturday night hanging at the house with my beautiful little Chihuahuas. They are so fun to play with.

I also have an elliptical that sits in my living room for the past 5 years. I finally started getting on it. I like it when I listen to music with a good vibe. I also like to listen to "Eye of the Tiger" once I'm pumped up.

I don't give myself any set time I have to be on it. That way I always enjoy it.

Now I'm looking for a good movie on Amazon Prime. Anybody have a good suggestion?

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Dec 5

Best workout song ever!

NoMoreWaiting's picture
Dec 6

@WanderWonderer sure is. I try to listen to new stuff but sometimes the 80s stuff Is fun. Takes me back to my teenage years. :-)


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