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My abusive boyfriend broke up with me in november of last ye

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My abusive boyfriend broke up with me in november of last year. Since then I relapsed in my BED, and gained some weight, but in the last few months I've been doing much better. I have been clean for 3 months, and have lost 9lbs in the last 5 weeks since I started eating less and healthier, as well as trying to get more exercise. I am struggling with insecurity due to my ex, and how he made me feel, but I know I can get through this.

I currently weigh 253lbs. I started at 262lbs. My over all goal is 200lbs. Mainly I am just trying to eat good portions, good food, and be active. I am not on any fad or special diet.

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Aug 10

What matters now is that you're doing better for you. Good on you.

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Aug 11

Good for you! I am so happy to hear that!

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Aug 14

Hi Willow; Its good that you stopped the overeating on your own but you should deal with the emotions that made you eat in the first place. Have you healed from the breakup? You need to find a way to deal with the pain of the breakup without using food as a resource. If not it may come back every time you have an emotional issue. I know this from my own life where the only good thing in my life was food. We are all here for you.


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