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Today I’m feeling pretty down, I’m 21 5’8 and 301lbs.

Today I’m feeling pretty down, I’m 21 5’8 and 301lbs. I went from being in shape, gym junkie to a fat sugar craving girl over night. I stopped working out and started eating badly and eating fast food over 10 times a week. It’s gotten to the point I can’t find love. I have no friends besides my mom and grandma, I never go out I work at a McDonald’s and I fear I’m going no where in life. Has anyone ever felt this way before?

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Feb 17

@anonymous__ ......yeah,today is the now I'm not sure what symbol you are referring is true,I'm neither computer savvy ,nor are versed in "cyber language" which contains many symbols/abbreviations.....some of which I can figure out......most of which I cannot,because the letters in the abbreviation do not correspond with the word or words it is representing! But,thank you so much for caring enough to respond wind not making me feel stupid.......which is mostly what this "computer generation" does by the way they respond to me!

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Feb 17

Hey heather , you are not alone , everyone in here hit a low in life but what’s working for is that you recognize the problem and you looking for a change, that alone gonna get you going, like I mentioned to others here it’s not too late to getting your life back on track, you got take cAre of your body that’s gonna get you everything you want in life; a better job, better friends, better lifestyle, a better you! If want to make the change I’ll gladly help support you and share everything that’s been working for me up to now.. and I’m still aiming to better myself every day that never stops... and I’m sure there’s others here would share their success and support for you, don’t give in, you have lots to offer to the world!

Feb 18

@EDNYC2018 Indeed! Remember that everything has a good and a bad side. The life lessons us with ED learn through recovery turned us into much more emotionally healthy people than the average population. And we can use the things we learned in recovery in different areas of our lives and become amazing, inspirational people! So, believe in yourself!


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