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Hey everyone. I recently joined this 'binge eating' group. I

Hey everyone. I recently joined this 'binge eating' group. I don't know if I would classify myself as a binge eater, but I need to get into shape and I'm getting more obese by the day. I feel like I've left myself looking like this for so long trying to ignore that fact that I'm obese AF because I do fit into clothes.

But, I know my eating habits are unhealthy and that I need to work towards my goals. I was thinking of using a meal prep plan to control my eating and eat healthier. People ALWAYS tell me that your weight loss is to do with 80% eating and 20% exercise. I don't know how true it is but it seems to be circulating quite a lot.

What have you guys done to lose weight? or have you found any meal plans that work for you? Also, I have PCOS and I'm on the pill which makes it more difficult to lose weight.

-From a chubby round chick.

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Jan 11, 2018

@Acel32 I'm sorry you experienced that too with the baby discussion. Has it REALLY messed with you ever since? Maybe not outwardly, but have you thought about it when you probably shouldn't? Thank you so much for sharing your weight fluctuation. It's the hardest part. And going back home for a few weeks during college breaks was very hard because people did ask. It's disgusting. My dad is great, but my mom, with the same struggles, questions everything including eating habits. Which I've tried to tell her that it's a thyroid thing too. Some family and friends can eat anything and everything, and never gain a pound which I don't hold against them. But when it comes to eating out or what to cook for dinner, the fifth degree often comes out as to "oh it won't kill you to eat this just this time", which turns out to be 6 times between family and friends. Spending months losing 5 pounds, but eating one wrong meal will add 5 in less than an hour.
I'm going to ask a series of questions, and you aren't obligated to answer. How did you guys feel growing up? Aside from the PCOS symptoms, did you ever feel alone alot or alienated from the other groups of kids/teens? And finally did PCOS exacerbate the feelings of alienation for a physical reason like acne or weight?
Thank you both for sharing your stories. It does help not to feel alone. Even though I'm engaged and Brad is a very understanding man, he doesn't always grasp it in a fulfilling way. But all the same, I'm grateful that he helps with things and still listens even if he can't always understand.
I'm 29, no kids except fur children, have been married and am widowed. I'm in college full time, and wonder if it is a good idea or not. The stress flips that switch for wanting to eat that kitchen sink. So college, yes! It's very hard.
What do you guys do for exercise or stress management?
Thank you both for talking! Have a peaceful day!

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Aug 9

Hey, @midnightdreamer eating is not a big problem but eating unhealthy food is a big problem. While facing complications like PCOS you must concentrate on the diet plan as well. Because our diet plays a key role in our health. Only getting treatment is not enough. Eating healthy food helps you to boost your immune system. A healthy immune system helps you to fight against the disease. The clinic which is located in eastern Europe from where I got my treatment also gave me the best diet plan while they were treating me. I felt very healthy during that period. So I suggest you consult a proper nutritionist or a clinic with such facilities. You will soon control your weight problems. Hope you will get rid of this hell. Stay healthy and be happy.

Aug 16

Controlling your weight is a big challenge while facing PCOS. Muscle mass increases day by day if PCOS is not treated properly. This is due to the testosterone hormone. This is responsible for the increased muscle mass. I contacted a clinic in eastern Europe. They diagnosed PCOS in my body. The first step they took was a diet plan. Their nutritionist planned a perfect diet plan. I started doing exercise which they recommended to me. Now I have controlled my weight and body fats. Also recovering from PCOS. All you need is a proper guideline for this problem. Contact the suitable clinic which will help you. Take care.


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