Been stress and emotion eating for a couple days. Not sure w

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Been stress and emotion eating for a couple days. Not sure why but I have been really depressed the more I remove myself from the narc and the bs they start up. Its been mentioned in therapy that I feel like a nobody with the drama and script inwas led to life. Can't seem to been proud of the accomplishments I've done on my own. Why is it this hard? I'm doing the work but it feels like ive lost.

Feb 24

Hello, i personally think its all part of the hold a narcissist has on ones mind. It takes a lot to fight that codependency.

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Feb 24

It’s ok to have setback or few bumps to recovery. I don’t think anyone is happy all the time even people who haven’t experienced abuse. Also I emotional eat, and one thing I try to do to help that Is limit stress n do things to manage the stress. Is there things in your life maybe making you feel more stressed than before? Sucks to feel like defeated, n depressed... I hope you feel much better soon!


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