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Hello guys I am totally new to this support group idea.but h

Hello guys I am totally new to this support group idea.but had to do it,I am not able to get on with normal life. I don't know I think I have many distractions like not able to leave my phone for a second **** I really need helpppp.i really need some help.

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Dec 4

@pfifer8 that's my friend maybe he can help you

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Mar 25

Hello. I am so sorry you are going through this. I have been having a similar struggle with my own kids as well. I found a great video that has helped me and has benefited my kids as well. I am sure that you will also enjoy it and may provide you with practical wisdom.

Mar 29

I had a binge today too, but part of my recovery is to recognize the feelings I had before the binge (I was feeling stressed from having to pay bills) and know that just because I binged it doesn't need to continue for the day, I can go back to normal eating as long as I don't beat myself up. This is so freeing, when starting to practice it


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