I've been binge eating for almost a week, I'm feeling like c

I've been binge eating for almost a week, I'm feeling like crap and can't stop, I just want to go to a cave and be alone with my fatness and misery .. Living life like this is torture, this has no end..

Jul 13

It's sure frustrating when we dip into a valley with our disordered eating. Most of us hear you and empathize.. I've found that when I get into a similar space, I have to begin digging out taking one small step at a time. Why not start by recognizing your body, overweight or not for the miracle that it is. It offers freedom for you to go wherever. It functions whatever your mental state. When you overeat, it efficiently processes your overeating so you can have a fresh new day. Be thankful for what you have because your "misery" isn't helpful and in fact, probably feeds your eating disorder. Try to incorporate a positive attitude as having a more balanced mental state is conducive to being able to making better food choices. Hugs!

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Jul 14

Wish I could sit next to you and listen. For now just know that feeling like crap, passes.
I like the "bliss boost" for feeling blessed. I'll try to adapt it to Bulimia..... rate 1-10 how much pain you are feeling. 0= no pain 10= unbearable. So you pick something that you are enjoying: it can be the freedom your car enables you with, your phone or Internet device, the dog etc.
Really sit with the pleasure you it brings you. How did this thing or experience come to you? What resources we're necessary to create it? See the faces of the people that had a hand in manufacturing, designing, transporting, selling or caring for it? Recognize any feelings of gratitude. They all do this from love. They do these things with care for us all and for their families. Without this communal giving and caring we could not eat, drive, have a home, or learn.

Check in with how you are feeling now.

Jul 16

@shinyhan Nice contribution!


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