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I'm sad and miserable with myself if I had a gag reflex I wo

I'm sad and miserable with myself if I had a gag reflex I would be better, however, I'm forced within myself affliction and can't stop even though I hurt I still want to eat and eat I don't know how I do it my cholesterol is so high my doctor that used to check it worried

Jul 11

I'm sorry you're suffering this way. I used to do the same thing. So the question is not what are you eating, but what's eating you. Have you thought about writing your emotions you feel in a journal when you start to wanna binge so you could try to gage whether there's a pattern of the kinda emotions that you maybe eating to stuff or contend with. For me it was stress. So I had to find a better way of dealing with the stress. Once I figured all that out it was easier to catch myself before I'd eat and deal with the stress in a healthier way instead of eating.


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