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Im having issues with the ability to Eating self control.

Im having issues with the ability to
Eating self control. Its affecting my job and everything else too.

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Jun 14

Have you though of joining Overeaters Anoymous?

Jul 2

So glad you are posting. The first step to getting better is being honest and reaching out for help. You are dong both!

Have you considered counseling? Food is often the symptom to other more deep seeded issues. It took a long time for me to understand my eating was related to my self-esteem, spiritual journey, and other factors. When I am right with God, have enough sleep, am not stuffing my feelings, and am reaching out to others, generally my eating is under control. It took a spiritual reawakening, Christian counseling, and perseverance, but my life today is a true testimony that there is HOPE! Please keep posting.


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