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Im having issues with the ability to Eating self control.

Im having issues with the ability to
Eating self control. Its affecting my job and everything else too. Im 46 yrs old and 5'7 at 240 lbs the most ive ever weighed in my life i feel bad tired and sick of taking meds. I cant get my mind set on doing the right thing with foods. I know im my own worse enemy and its no one else that can do it for me. I just need to talk though it.

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Jul 7

@Socrates7 i tried OA numerous times and all i saw there was people who were worried about being fat - i'm a binge overeater so i keep my weight down but now i sick too fibromyalgia and horrible migraines and so many things i can't eat - there is no one out there like me

Jul 8

Would be nice if the doctors tested hormone levels and treated accordingly. I think it would cut the cravings.

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Jul 8

Oh dear, it is very natural to feel the way you feel.
You are right about the worse enemy and that no one else can do it for you, which means you are the source of power, you are the creator of your reality.
We all are.
The reason we create painful realities is that we were conditioned to do that. That is a kind of program.
Even when we know how we should eat or behave, we do the opposite. We try to change it, but some part of our mind just does the opposite. Like there are two people within us.

And that's exactly the case. We eat the way we eat because our subconscious mind makes us do that. That part of the mind is responsible for 95% of our brain activity and with that for 95% of our power.

I'm not going to sugar-coat things. When someone tells you about using your willpower, they forget that your "conscious will" is in your conscious mind (5%) and the power belongs to the subconscious mind (95%). It's like trying to stop the Titanic with bare hands. What hurts me is that I see people like you blaming themselves for "lacking willpower" or "failing to control their eating habits." They blame themselves and that ruins their self-esteem even more.
God, that doesn't work that way. Who says that they never tried that.

There are people who lost incredible amounts of weight and kept that. But they did it through transformation and not force.

What we can do to start transforming those harmful, self-sabotaging habits is that we find out what is pulling those strings and why. We can connect with our subconscious mind and start to heal and rewrite all that harmful programming that we got from our parents, environment or wherever. That is when we start to have real control.

Are ready to answer some questions that will help you to understand what you can do? I'm here to suport you. :)

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