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I have zero confidence in who I am , I want to lose weight b

I have zero confidence in who I am , I want to lose weight but I give up on myself so easily and I always think of the negatives. I’m not sure what to anymore. I’m very hard on myself because I don’t want to fail in life. I want to lose weight bad but it’s hard to keep it up because I’m not motivated by anyone or anything.

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Aug 4

@Wantsthelight I heard
“be single minded about one thing until you master it.”
So now I am obsessed with creating my whole life to look like a diet program basically. But I don’t like that word diet. So I use life affirming words like lifestyle.
So my whole life is about programming it in such a way that it looks like some weight loss program you would see. Or more like a Spiritual healing retreat you would go to.
Everything is flexible yet structured. And enjoyable.
This is what I am creating right now in this moment and becoming single minded about it.
I started This process November 8, 2018 when I decided that I would stop eating dairy. I started making smoothies with avocado. That was the beginning and I’ve been going along ever since with this in my mind.
Now... I started to drop the ball here and there but I picked it up again. Because that happens. We drop the ball sometimes.
That doesn’t matter. Just pick it back up and keep going.
The reason I’m obsessed and want to be single minded about this is because this is a lifelong thing.
We always have to manage our weight and Health.
And when we have weight to lose and we need to get in shape, we need to put a lot of attention on it. Energy!
And as we go through life we’re gonna always need to put attention on it.
So mastering this concept and knowing what to do without giving it a second thought. Like being on auto pilot, that’s my intention.

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Aug 4

@Wantsthelight Whenever you feel like it, please make a new post at the top about your day.

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Aug 8

Hi. Yes that is a very familiar feeling. As I've spend most of my life dragging myself down, I now sleep with positive affirmations playing in the background just to try to make up for lost time. Try to give yourself a break. Don't worry about a "diet", but try to eat less amount per meal. If you can do it 1 day, congratulate yourself. Anything you do, is valid and good. Some of us go through counseling, or peer led support groups, add anti-craving or psychotropic medication, add spiritual practice, or other changes. I suggest a dietitian also, as that helped me greatly in HOW to change how I ate. Again anything you do, is ok. Be honest, try, and don't be too hard on yourself!


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