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Hi guys, does anyone has any tips to keep myself from bingin

Hi guys, does anyone has any tips to keep myself from binging? I’ve tried a lot of stuff but nothing seems to work, and I can’t deal with it (and what comes after it) anymore. Please help.

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Feb 10, 2018

I try to keep myself busy doing something being out. Going somewhere or sorrounding yourself with a more calm environment like a park. Most of the time when I binge is because my anxiety is highly. I wish you luck this process is hard as it is and if you need anything let me know

Feb 11, 2018

Hi! I struggled with finding solutions a lot. I am a person who believe that all this problems stem from our way of thinking and not our surroundings. There are people who, even when they are surrounded by junk food, will never binge because their way of thinking is different. So I believe that cutting yourself off from any situation which may be triggering is not a solution; it's avoiding the solution. The way one can access how they managed to change their feeling is by how they have improved. I managed to go 17 days without purging and I did that by distracting myself. I distracted myself by paying attention to other people's problems and trying to help them and also by watching movies and reading books and also eating my meals with family as a pose to eating alone. When it became hard, I ran away by traveling for a couple of days with my dad so I was in a situation where purging was simply not an option. I also joined a conference so that filled up my head for quite some time. I realise now that these are really good solutions but I still need some changes in my way of thinking to be able to go purge free forever, not just 17 days. But it all comes step by step. I hope this helped and good luck in your journey!

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i cant really help you, but try to sleep as much as you can. if you fave school or work at the mornimg is easy. when you go back at home after school or work just sleep. wake up after 3 or 4 hours eat something do some things for your work or for school and watch tv go on instagram and sleep again. <3


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