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I suffered from anorexia nervousa for 3 years, I was terribl

I suffered from anorexia nervousa for 3 years, I was terribly underweight and my hair was falling out. It got to the point where my family begged me to get help, so instead I turned my illness around and began to eat more properly. 2 years went by and I was binge eating. I binge ate to the point that I put on 30kg and was now terribly overweight. I managed to start eating healthier again and I lose 20kg! I have gained about 5kg in the last 6 months from my out of control binging. It seems as though I have gone from restricting to binging. I will eat healthy for about 1-4 weeks and restrict. Then I slip up and binge for months on end... I feel like I have absolutely no control over it. I long for the days I have off because I know no one will be home and I can sit at home and binge on all the food I love. I've never spoken out about this before and even typing this makes me feel ashamed and so worthless. Food controls a lot of aspects of my life.. Not only do I want to be healthy and fit, I want to be self confident and happy when I look in the mirror. I feel like there are so many triggers out there for me, like going out for dinner, or to the movies. Why can't I have a normal relationship with food..

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Aug 12

@annie1313 Congratulations on 26 days. Way to grow!

Aug 12

I am going through the exact same thing! Message me!

Aug 12

@shinyhan thank you X


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