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My sweet smart boy is going to be 10 next week and still wet

My sweet smart boy is going to be 10 next week and still wets the bed. It affects his self esteem, and we have been supporting this for years. We get him up throughout the night, sometimes I have slept with him for a month straight getting him up several times a night hoping to create a habit. We do all the right things; no water after dinner, lots of trips to the bathroom before bedtime. I am considering the alarm next. He is really desperate to find a solution. Any insight?

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Aug 10

I wet the bed until I was 17. My biggest issue was I was a heavy sleeper. The more excited or nervous I was about something the more frequently I wet the bed. I think if your boy can control his nerves and excitement it will make him happier and less likely to wet the bed. The alarms worked to help me a lighter sleeper.

Sep 13

You say that you are "doing all the right things", but most of those sound like the wrong things. No water after dinner is making his urine more concentrated, possibly irritating his bladder, making it more likely that he will wet the bed. Sleeping in the same bed as him and getting him up several times creates two problems: Firstly, the psychological issue that his mommy is sleeping in the same bed as him at age 10. Second, waking him up several times a night is teaching him to be reliant on you instead of learning for himself. In addition, he isn't getting very good sleep if it is being disturbed by waking up every few hours. Plus, making him go to the toilet so often is training his bladder to have a smaller capacity and to empty before it is very full.

What I'm saying may sound harsh, but it sounds like you have fallen for all the old wives tales regarding bedwetting. In reality, if there is nothing medically wrong with your son, you should back off. Reassure him that he will grow out of it and help him manage it in the meantime. If that means mattress protectors and bedwetting pants, so be it. Show him that it is all part of growing up, and that he is responsible for learning how to stop. Support him, but don't enable him.

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Oct 11

You're not alone, my son just turned 11 and he is having the same issue with bedwetting


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