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I'm new here, just joined in fact. I'm 14 and from England.

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I'm new here, just joined in fact. I'm 14 and from England. If anyone my age or a bit older is still having this problem too, I could use some support and I would really like to help you too.

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Jul 2

the enemas are horrible! I don't want enemas. I want them to leave me alone. My brothers think it's really cool that I have to have enemas. You have know idea what it is like every day knowing that you have to have an enema that night and your brothers just love it! there is nothing pleasant about enemas, they are humiliating

Jul 2

I know what u mean. My little brother thinks its hilarious that i ware a diaper at night. everything about bedwetting is humiliating.

Aug 8

@1Lilly, That breaks my heart for you. I hope this is going better. I understand exactly how you feel when you say you want to be left alone. I'm an adult, but I've been through the gamut of testing, and failed treatments. Even though constipation is well known as a career of bedwetting, at 14 you should have some degree of bodily autonomy; especially in this sort of case, where were not talking about risk to life or limb. In my life, I drew a live, and decided there were some tests I didn't want, and that trying all the treatments were making my life worse than just wearing the diapers to bed.

I'm actually crying from thinking about you saying that you're scared, and your dad threatening to hold you down. I know it's a medical intervention, but under force it borders on rape in my opinion.


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