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Hi i’m 14 and I have been wetting the bed for a few months

Hi i’m 14 and I have been wetting the bed for a few months now.

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Oct 11

@Tyler343 Did you have any problems with bed wetting when you were younger?
Do you wet the bed every night Tyler.
Have you been through something that really stressed you out around the time you started wetting the bed?
For now a good mattress cover and maybe wearing a diaper if you decide to is about all you can do.
Hopefully you just grow out of it soon and go back to having dry nights.

Oct 18

Hey, I don't wet the bed every night but most nights and I think it has got worse as well with less dry nights now than when it started. I didn't have any problems before since I was very young except a one off accident. I have a mattress cover now yeah and I already have to wear nappies to bed. I hope I do soon too.

Oct 18

@Tyler343 with being dry before it is difficult and frustrating to start wetting the bed all of a sudden.
Even the odd dry night is encouraging it means there are times when you can hold your pee all night.
Try to not get discouraged Tyler it's not your fault that your wetting the bed.
For some reason it is happening and if they didn't find a medical issue most likely you will grow out of it in time.
Enough things to deal with when your 14 and wetting the bed is very stressful but this is a medical problem and it's not your fault that it happens.

Good you have a mattress cover now and are ok with wearing nappies. It's difficult to adjust to needing nappies but they are much better than waking up in a wet bed.

Does anyone else in your family have or did have problems with bed wetting Tyler?
Hope you don't mind me asking you about it.


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