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Today I feel sad and happy at the same time, the dog we were

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Today I feel sad and happy at the same time, the dog we were fostering and training for Operation patriot paws has gotten a new home. Free to any military veterans or current military Corbin was a good dog but put a lot of train into him for emotional support. The day was pretty long and if I sit or stand for more then an hour the pain goes from a 3 to 5/6 well I’m at a easy 9 right now and took meds. I do wish the dog was her to lay with me but I need to remember that I’m only the foster parent. I will continue fostering because seeing the faces of the new owner is just a great feeling.

Nov 2

Job well done!

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Nov 8

We foster as well. Puppies though since we live in a neighborhood that does not allow fences. Puppies do not run away! Can you explain more about your pain?

Nov 10

I have a birth defect that was finally diagnosed when I was in high school. Went to a chiropractor, which not only did no good, but he almost broke my back due to being misdiagnosed. When it was getting worse, I went to another doctor who said my bones are much larger than normal. It is a birth defect on my dads side. A few years later while at a boyfriends apartment, my shoe came untied. While still standing, I put my right foot on a chair and leaned over to tie it. Upon standing back straight, 2 disc ruptured and rendered me unable to walk. They both ruptured inward and also cut off about 80% feelings in my right leg. They put me in traction and after a CT & MRI, the doctor panicked and rushed me into surgery. He explained there was too much pressure on the spinal cord and was afraid of permanent damage. While in surgery, he measured my vertebrae which reinforced the second doctors findings of the size of my bones. This doctor removed half of the ruptured disc and shaved down the vertebrae in my lower back.

Through the years, more disc have ruptured, which meant more surgeries. One was a F&B lower lumbar fusion that had to be split up into 2 surgeries in 3 days. Another fusion in my neck and various implants w/removals. Had hardware blocks, nerve blocks, cut nerves, basically just about everything. Total of 21 through the years and I’m only 57. Pain pumps, neuro stimulators, etc. Been there, done that, wore many t-shirts out over all this. Plus have a couple of tens units & braces. The ONLY time I will wear the brace is when I’m on the tractor mowing. Yep, mowing! We have 20 acres & my husband is gone working. I will not wear it at any other time since the dependency of wearing one leads to weak muscles & then it’s a requirement.

Due to this defect, 2 doctors have said the possibility of needing a rod in my back from top to bottom is about 75% likely. I am not looking forward to that. There is one thing that will help with the pain and that is removing the sciatica nerve.

Sorry this is long, but this provides information about things I have already done. Shots only last about 3 days, so that is a waste of time. I only know of those two options that’s left. The rod & removal of the nerve.

Has anyone had theirs removed? Has it helpd? Etc! Please let me know results or if you have had a procedure not mentioned here that might work.

I have even gone through physical therapy & water aerobics. I am open to suggestions.

Thank you!

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