Degenerative Disc Disease


Hello. I was wondering if anyone here has D.D.D., hence the title.I was diagnosed with it about a year and a half ago. In the summer of 2009, I was helping my husband move our then 8 year old son's bedroom around. As I lifted one end of the bed, I heard and felt something pop in my lower back (my husband heard it too!) It was a little uncomfortable but not really painful........yet. The next morning when we woke to get ready for work, I could not move an inch. The pain was completely unbearable, unlike any pain I'd ever felt before. It wasn't just in my lower back, but just all in the middle part of my body in the backside instead of the front. I screamed and cried in pain, almost paralyzed bc any movement whatsoever made it worse. it took nearly an hour to slide myself off the bed, then another half hour for my husband to finally get me to my feet, which I could not stay on very long. I got in to see my family doctor later that day. By then, it was much better. She ran X-rays, that showed nothing, gave me something for pain, and made me an appt with neurosurgeon. I saw him bout a week later and since things were better, there was nothing he could do, but send me back home after telling me to call him if it happened again. So 3-4 weeks later, it happened again. I called. They got me right in. Had an MRI done and found 2 bulging discs in my lower back. I had had some minor pain from my left buttock all the way to my toes. it was more burning and tingling than anything else. The doctor gave me a Medrol pk
9steroids for the inflammation) to take. He then told me I had the D.D.D. So I tried to be very careful in lifting things bc I did NOT want to ever experience that terrible pain again. When I had my oldest child my labor was induced. I had what i thought was the worst pain ever in this world.......until all of this happened lol. I'm a wuss, I can't help it. i just don't handle much pain very well. But anyway, In early Spring of last year it started up again, so the doctor offered to let me try the pain managements shots that they give. The first one I had was absolute Heaven! It worked wonders. The next month i went back for the second shot. it was not as successful. In fact, it had a reverse outcome. So after having another MRI and talking with the doctor, he told me that the disc had torn, yet again, and the filling that came out of it had touched my spinal cord. All he could do was go in by surgery and pull the fluid away from my spine, so I said "Please do it soon!" The surgery was May 5, 2010. It took me months to move like a normal person again. Was doing good til a couple months ago. Having a lot of nerve pain again in the same area as before, some days worse than others. Had to call the neurosurgeon again a few weeks ago to get another Predisone Rx. So, I know this is not going to get any better as I get older. i just wanna know if anyone here has the same problem I do and where they are at with their own situation so i kinda have an idea of what to expect in my case. thanks!!!

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Jun 10, 2011

Menopause_unbearable, I think that it's so fantastic that you are doing things, such as weight loss, in order to help yourself. It's amazing that you have been walking 2 miles per day, that's such great exercise, keep up the great work. And, in terms of quitting smoking, I know that you will get there, take it one thing and one step at a time, don't put too much pressure on yourself.

I am praying for you and most especially for your appointment in July. I know that all is on the up and up for you. Please keep sharing and let me know how you are doing.

cari_here_2007's picture
Jun 18, 2011

I haave a bulging disc with deteriation in my back also. The doctors told me to quit smoking too but like you said it's easier said than done. You can't just throw them down especially if your under alot of stress, which by the way I am. I need to find some way of getting help with my back surgery. There is no way I can come up with that kind of money and not having insurance is horrible. I can't work due to my meneire's disease. It makes me so dizzy I can't drive. I'm not even suppose to be alone because I fall frequently due to my dizziness. I hope you get good news with your mri. I will keep you in my prayers. Maybe you can give me some information on what the surgery is like and how long it takes to recover. I'm sending lots of love and prayers your way.

Jun 20, 2011

Cari, the Dept of Vocational Rehabilitation paid for my last surgery. You might could check into that. They helped me sooooooo much. I finally talked my husband into taking me to a dr this past Friday to see if I could get something for pain. I went to a free clinic in Starkville. The nurse practitioner actaully use to work with Dr Stringer (my dr) and the pain management dr, Dr. Sumers. And Dr Stringer did her mom's surgery so, thankfully, she knew all too well the pain i've been having. She gave me one shot for inflammation and another one for pain. Then 3 Rxs: Lortab 7.5, 800 mg Ibuprofen, and Flexeril. She told me to call her back this week and let her know how I was, which by the way, is no better, and she can get me into Starkville hospital for an MRI and since I dont have insurance they wont require a down pymt and they'll set me up on a pymt plan. When I left her office on Friday, my husband brought me home. I slept off the shots she gave me, slept all night Friday, then had to take more pain meds on Saturday and slept all day that day too. This morning was very slow and painful, but I took one of the Ibuprofen and it's at least tolerable enough for me to get ready for work. Though I don't expect to be able to stay there more than a couple hours.
When i had my surgery last year it took a good month for the soreness to go away but Dr Stringer told me it could take up to a year for complete recovery. The was in May and i was not employed at the time, but I did start a new job in July and I was pretty much ok by then besides just the occasional pain. Now as far as immediately after the surgery I spent the night at River Oaks where I had the surgery. They gave me one of the Morphine pumps bc the next several hours after surgery were the worst. But it wasnt near as bad as other back surgeries I'm sure. Gotta get ready for work while I'm still able right now lol. Hope ya have a great day!

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