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What are the signs of being emotionally numb ??

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What are the signs of being emotionally numb ??

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Jul 15

@Scemo That could be a main cause or underlying part of why you feel this way.

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Jul 16

@Scemo Ahhh, time will heal this one for sure. At 21 I had the worst break up of my life. Probably took well over 9 months to heal. I think I did not lean on my friends enough at that time, and lost my way with them. Don't make that same mistake. As long as when you are with your support team, and you make every effort to make your time as much about them as you do your needs you will continue to heal, and much faster.

www.hope's picture
Jul 16

Sometimes you forget things, so memory loss, short and/or long term. I've had times where things an happen (good or bad) and I just don't care about anything at all. It can be hard to shock yourself out of it. I'd try grounding exercises, cold showers, screaming into the woods, etc.


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