My back pain has gotten so bad that I can no longer walk una

My back pain has gotten so bad that I can no longer walk unassisted. I was supposed to get an epidural on Wednesday, but our brakes went out on the car and we needed new ones. I lost the cash we put aside for my injection. I am in constant pain and very depressed. Happy New Year to me, UGH!!!!

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Jan 20

@Marinewife you are so impatient you my friend, call you tomorro
w......if I don't tease you, I would be remiss...xo.

10 hours ago

@STANLEY065 I am not getting emails telling me that I have a PM. Looks like you are not either. Hit the bubble up top and you will see that you have some. Had my epidural and I am in so much pain. Need to keep ice on my back and had no sleep last night. I will call when I can.

1 hour ago

@Marinewife I am so sorry. Had a rough day, but lets try tomorrow....please rest and you know that I am here for you! You do, xo.


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