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I am getting my ablation on Wednesday. I hope. They said I w

I am getting my ablation on Wednesday. I hope. They said I would be screened before going in. I am afraid that they will think I am sick because my allergies are so bad. My nose Is clogged and running and there is chest congestion due to gunk running down my throat. What if they send me away?. I cannot wait another month. Prayers are needed, please!

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Mar 24

Thanks, all of you. It looks like I will be getting my procedure. I spoke to them on the phone today.As long as I do not have a fever, everything will be fine. Now I have to trust in God that this works. If not, there is nothing left to be done and I will have this crippling pain for the rest of my life. I am fearful that it will break me. How do people live like this? Especially with him taking away my pain meds. I don't think that I can do this.

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Mar 24

@Marinewife Take it one step at a time. Focus on this procedure and then on healing. Give yourself a date to heal by and don't make any big decisions until then. I know from past surgeries that pain plus drugs can really warp with the brain and emotions. After that date, THAT'S when you consider the next step. (My advice would be to find a new pain management specialist. There's all sorts of treatments out there that your current one might not want to bother with, but that doesn't mean they aren't out there.)
*hugs* Good luck!

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Apr 11

Hi hope you are doing ok. I'm waiting to get knee surgery. I'm lucky if it happens sometime in june. I'm broke now and terrified. Ugh


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