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Being lied to every day and finding out about it, being call

Being lied to every day and finding out about it, being called disgusting names and being told vile things and being beaten...trying to talk but getting told to shut up and never even getting so much as a cuddle and getting pushed away when you’s all taking a toll on me... feel like I’m going crazy

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Jan 13

You have found your spark of freedom of speach... being. Able to voice out loud what happened is different than the inner dialogue. Sometimes they emotional blackmail ya into keeping things behind closed doors for "loyalty" but it's really so they dont go to jail and get a**f***ed. This is the turning point for healing...if someones freedom of speech spark gets extinguished now or lights to a bonfire...that's the turning point of the abuse fever. Could recover or die. Dont go gently

Jan 13

@emmystrouble I get made to feel like it’s all my fault and I don’t even know what’s right or not anymore...


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