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Being lied to every day and finding out about it, being call

Being lied to every day and finding out about it, being called disgusting names and being told vile things and being beaten...trying to talk but getting told to shut up and never even getting so much as a cuddle and getting pushed away when you’s all taking a toll on me... feel like I’m going crazy

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Jan 26

Oh love, you are a beautiful creation that is uniquely made and deserves to be treated with love and care. No one deserves to be abused- NOT even you! Please consider getting help- talking with a counselor and finding the courage and resources to break free from this abusive situation. Be the change you want to see in your world- it starts with you and what steps you are willing to take that will lead you to safety. Please consider calling this number 855-382-5433- folks here can direct you to help in your local area.

Jan 27

Please leave him because you don't deserve this. I have been in an abusive relationship before. It can be hard to leave. I know that. But, make a plan for your own mental and physical safety. You deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

Jan 31

Abuse in and of itself is wrong and it only goes in one direction, around in a circle. You are part of the cycle and intertwined in the mix of what is going on because of your attachment to the emotions that relate to how you are being treated. You are being treated this way because of a wound that happened to you and your inner being is trying to find the way to recover or make sense out of something that is definitely wrong. You attract the kind of person into your life, toxic partner, because of the abuse you received at a young age. Understanding this is not enough, but it helps to put the pieces together as to why is this happening. Knowing why does not solve it though. Knowing what to do does not solve it either. You first have to resolve the conflict that is going on in your heart. Brokenness is something I can relate to. Its the beginning point of your hurt. Its the root cause of how you became a person that believes lies about yourself. If you know you are loved and you know that you are worthy and you know that you deserve to be treated wonderfully then your reaction to those that treat you poorly would be different. Right now you are caught up in an abusive relationship and going through a character assassination by your partner that in effect is manipulation. They are trying to bring you down to a level where you accept that you are unworthy so that you will accept the kind of treatment you receive from your abuser. I have been there and I sympathise with the amount of excruciating pain this causes. Part of my problem was that I always felt like I was not good enough and when I was told by my abusive partner that I was no good it made me feel like what can I do to correct this? How can I make it so I can feel love again? What did I do wrong to deserve this? etc etc. Feeling like you are to blame only gives your partner more power over you. This goes into a lot of different types of personality disorders but in essence your are caught up in a dramatic game of control. If you need someone else to make you feel worthwhile then you have already lost. I had to realize that my worth was not from what other people thought of me but instead that I was perfectly and wonderfully made and loved from a creator that counted ever hair on my head and kept every tear I cried caught up in a bottle. To know that with all your faults and shortcomings that you are perfect is a difficult task and takes some real reinforcement. I found my way out of my abusive relationship over 5 years ago. I have been through a lot of healing and I will tell you that even today I carry the burden of all my scars. I am not whole but I am on the road. What I will suggest is that you get some help. You need a support system to get you from an abusive relationship on to a road of healthy choices. I pray that you will seek these things. Right now you are suffering from PTSD and your body and mind are in a state of shock. Don't let someone else tell you your value such as your abuser but instead surround yourself with those that will encourage you and be there with you through this dark time.

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