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How does opening someones shirt buttons help in an asthma at

How does opening someones shirt buttons help in an asthma attack ? I didnt want to have breakfast but neither did i want to be screamed at so i sat with my dad to have breakfast . My mom was still asleep . He kept feeding me with his hands touching me and i dont know what happened but i just kind of blacked out and i couldnt breath . I tried to get my inhaler and he just took it from my hands saying no dont use it too much its not good for ur health ur shirts too tight and he began to unbutton my shirt. I kept trying to take the inhaler from his hands and finally he gave it to me . I really wanted it all to end . I regret trying to take the inhaler from him . I wish i had just died right there right then . He took me to my room and left me alone after that . I have since taken a shower, scrubbed myself to the point that my skin hurts . I even cut my hair so that he would feel uneasy towards me but now im scared what if he gets mad . I just want to die

Mar 29

It sounds like this has been going on for awhile.... idk how old you are or where you live but your fathers sexual abuse of you needs to stop.
Can you go to a woman’s shelter or call police. OR. What have you tried?
We all care about you

Mar 29

@NCMom im 22 and this has been going on for 3 months. I tried telling my mom when it happened the first time and she said that i was just being ungrateful


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