Why is it that, people feel if you are uninterested or just

Why is it that, people feel if you are uninterested or just don't care about what's is going on in their lives, that is considered rude and then that you are a rude person?? Many people have brought themselves to crappy situations by the choices they have made, yet they continue to whine about trivial things such as why don't I ever have any money, but they call off work all of the time. This makes it hard to relate to people and even more frustrating since I am their boss as well. Why does everyone assume that we are interested in what is going on with them constantly when I just want tic be left to my comforts??

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DarkLover's picture
Mar 4, 2017

YES, its really annoying and hard for me to understand as well. I got called rude one time because I don't ask a cashier how their day is going and what not. To me it feels quite dumb to pretend like you care about something, even when you don't. It feel likes you are lying when you smile and act interested when all you really want to do is tell them to shut up or walk away.

Mar 20, 2017

@DarkLover i can't stand small talk in person. A big part of it is because of my social anxiety. but in the end i just never really knew how to do it properly and always seemed to fail at it. ask me about fishing or nature and i could talk your ear off but i still feel dumb. on the other hand i may just be dumb... smh

PattyG's picture
Mar 22, 2017

@DarkLover I was fussed at once by my supervisor for not thanking my shift supervisor for covering my shift after I called in sick. I responded that she didn't ask if I was feeling better either. So what.


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