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Want to be the best step mom to a teenager with aspergers.

Want to be the best step mom to a teenager with aspergers. He is extremely book smart. He is kind and extremely moved to help others. I want to help him with being able to make friendships. I don’t know if it’s aspergers but he is a bit of a know it all. I am not saying this with any ill will in my heart - heck that could be because he is a teenager. I want to hear from others on what I can do to lead him in the right direction and help him have a fulfilling life. I want to just help him with tools, positivity and love. I am tired of seeing him not having relationships or being bullied. He takes it better than most, but he should not have to! Suggestions please!

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Oct 11

You are right about my level and his level but am I wrong to think he can build on his social skills?
He made a 30 on his ACT test the very first time and we have what college he is going to and for what degree - is there something else that will help him?


Is he good with mathematics and English writing for college ?? Those were my problems areas. I was terrible at English speaking and Communicating. Satistics was fun but I had class over lapping another class which I failed. Best regards for him.

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Oct 12

@randy1cas Is he content with his social life, or lack of? I would try to be more social and hated it and it never got easier with practice. I kept trying because that was what was normal. I finally am happy because I am accepting that I really do not want a social life. Find our what HE wants and help him attain it.


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