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I have a question: i am very in love with someone who is an

I have a question: i am very in love with someone who is an aspergers.. or has it? I dont know which is correct to say.. But i am so in love with him, but i also feel very alone and unloved sometimes, because he often times doesnt reach out, he says i msis being with me, but its like .. We lack an emotional connection sometimes, and it hurts me.. When i tell him about a situaiton, ive been going through and how i felt, he always is completely logic about it, and maybe not consider my feelings at all, and i just dont know what to do, and right now i just feel hurt and its annoying because i really care about him so much... What are your thoughts?

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Dec 5

I am cold because of self harm. My mind changed the way i view my surroundings and i had to make some adjustments to accommodate the thoughts i held inside for the time of 18 months. I am currently over 3 years no longer counting, but things have gotten better with my attitude. But i am not fully ready to move forward I am still as cold at times because i like beginning in control. I find someone else weak minded when they have to ask premission to turn on heat/cold, or change something by asking. Self harm taught me to take life by the horns. In other words, i will make it on my own without you attitude. My mind was violence at times but i discovered ways to cancel out my troubles in the head. Anyhow, i still have work to do. But in time, i will get better. But ASD, need to be taught certain ways. There is no such thing as a one size fits all package. I am into repeating lyrics to Express myself internally and videos on how i feel deep inside. Without SG, i would be doing thjs on my own in my mind. The same way. Life doesn't effect me, it's what i see before it happens. I respond differently than 99 precent of the world. Nothing effects me, but i am figuring out who i really am now.

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Dec 6

@Faxekondi123're right, the explanations have to be given because hints are way to subtle. But, over time that does become second nature and, like I said, can be worth it if you feel like his good outweighs the negatives....but only YOU can decide that based on what the "good" is and how you both really feel about each other - the why's of the love.

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Dec 7

@MomLeslieM i try my best. This is all that I can give myself.


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