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Hello, I just signed up at 11 PM and I already have somethin

Hello, I just signed up at 11 PM and I already have something to say. I have been struggling with Asperger my entire life, but no one in my family was willing to help me. Once I turned eighteen and went out on my own, I was able to get some help, but now, three years later, I somehow feel worse. I have no friends or family I can talk to. I'm feel so scared and alone with no idea about what to do.

Apr 11

I'm so sorry no-one in your family was willing to help you that's awful. Do you have a relationship with any family members? What kind of help did you get? You will have to find out what kind of help there is in your area.

Apr 15

Ladysora, so sorry you feel so scared and alone! Please continue to seek help, you are not alone. Even if friends and family have all left you to fend for yourself, there is a God who made you and loves you just as you are and He can help you find your way in life! Seek Him through prayer, and ask Him to help you find true friends that are like family, people you can actually count on and do life with. Have you tried maybe checking out a church group to meet people, they often have young adult groups of different interests group that meet regularly and it would make a great opportunity for you to make some friends and build some new relationships. I am praying you are able to find what you need!

Apr 15

I'm sorry you couldn't get help before you turned 18 but so glad you have since then. What kind of help are you getting? It's hard to not feel alone sometimes at your age -- so many people seem to have it all together - college or a job or marriage or at least a long term relationship -- know you're not really alone, I believe that God is always with us as @Busymamma1013 said too. What kinds of things are you interested in and enjoy doing? See if there's a group in your community for that and you'll get to meet people that have something in common with you as a starting point for a friendship.


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