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What is ASD symptoms: 1. Avoids eye contact 2. Self harms

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What is ASD symptoms:
1. Avoids eye contact
2. Self harms
3. Stemming ("repeative manner")
4. Makes noises
5. Limited interest
6. Voids conversation
7. Food texture issues
8. thoughts disorganizes
9. Speech slur ("spectrum")
10. Honest, trust, respectful
Did I forget anything else about what is ASD ??

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Mar 12

Thanks for this.

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Mar 12

Yes thank you Error101

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Mar 12

@Jennipain I still haven't got a clue that if they knew something about these individuals. I got a few things that they could ask on gun owners. If they have Autism, can they take care of themselves ? Nick couldn't take care of himself ?? But I'm confused when the mother had died. Why didn't he stay at the house? Why did he not continue with his life. I don't understand the $1,000,000 life insurance policy + $500,000 home. Why was he homeless ??


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