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I was feeling terrible about working at my job today. Then i

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I was feeling terrible about working at my job today. Then i had a employee tell me his rules ("which i respect"), however he called me basically incompetent. He told me things that aren't true and other employees had said behind my back. So, i usually end up doing the work and doesn't play games at work, yet i am a bad employee to be around. So now i am staying away from everyone now.

Jan 10

I don't know why she people have to be cruel to others... No need for your coworker to talk to u that way... It's tough to just suck it up, slap in a smile, do our jobs, and go home! Unfortunately that can be common at work....
U are smart to keep some distance-just be sure that u, at least superficially, come across friendly, cooperative, a team player
Sorry that happened to u

Jan 10

Hmmmm. Well I don't know about significance of Oct 1.... U are strong and smart enough not to take the actions; the path chosen by others who have destroyed lives of other people and their own lives...
Life is about change.. Hang in there knowing you got this!


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