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I have choices to make: A. I can die next week. B. I can c

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I have choices to make:
A. I can die next week.
B. I can continue with my unemployed.
C. I can go to jail next week.
D. I can runaway to Hawaii and continue doing the same thing.
E. I can self harm again next week.
F. I can get a job and feel underworked.
G. I can return to NJ.
H. Hang out in the mental hospital.
i. Return to my 1-5 job and begin begging for another chance.
i1: I think I was hallucinating. It's hard to tell between images and it then.
J. I can start using drugs
K. I can use the male part of marijuana daily to feel better.
L. I can become a bum and starve myself because I don't ask for help.
M. I get mental health, become heavy sedated, continue to loose my job, steal a tank, go to jail, do drugs, have a place to stay then punch something and never leave neverland, and live that way alone, heartless soul roaming around. Die and become a ghost (hopefully: ghost)
No. I won't do anything above
Or. i can try something new, and get the fear back that I could loose my job and want to stay. Maybe make a bit more, work less and maybe enjoy the weekend off.

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Apr 17

@Castaway307 my anxiety is people who don't want to understand me. I have gone to my employer and physically told them I have "Autism". I told them I have a hard time with communication. That's it but I think it has to be more in depth. What is communication?? I have a hard time with a question that has two questions in it. I don't understand and that is even in typed conversation as well.

Apr 19

Well I have to be honest I did know about autism but I never knew there where high functioning autism like Asperger. For me it me it's any people the more the wore it is any more then 3 and I almost shut down.

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Apr 19

@Castaway307 I don't understand the terms high functioning autism and Asperger's? I think Asperger's are more normal. I met two people who told me they have Asperger's. Me, I am random, I don't think, I just do, and it is done by images. If I don't have an image. I didn't get it.


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