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Ever since, i have moved. I have lost everything. I am going

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Ever since, i have moved. I have lost everything. I am going back home to NJ apparently. My wife and I are apparently splitting up. I tired very hard to make changes but nothing has worked. I am thinking of giving up everything and walking away. Since I moved, i pissed off my first employer because of my visions. I haven't found a job worth staying at. Temperature here is terrible, rain is unpredictable, as well as beinging unemployment. I am now figuring out myself. I guess

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Sep 10

I hd no idea you were married, and I thought the new job was better

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Sep 11

@ControlFreak101 i wish we had rain. but we think rain is a myth

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Sep 13

Hello ControlFreak101, your post really breaks my heart. I know that you don’t like the climate in your new location…I find heat and humidity difficult to deal with myself. Did you make the move for your wife? Is there anything about your marriage for which you are willing to fight to keep? Please know that you have people in your corner supporting your marriage. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


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