Dear Love, Time, and Death, To Love, you were never there

Dear Love, Time, and Death,

To Love, you were never there. I was alone. I don't share joy in sharing with others. Will things get better now or I am set for loneliness ??

Time, I always ask myself when will it leave me. 100 or 30. I wish to change what I had hoped for. I don't want to live until only 30. But I tell myself that I am greatful for the time given to me.

Death, I am waiting for you to come take me. Please, don't be harsh I am too nice to die evil. I rather go the usual route.

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Aug 14

@AnaLeigh I am preparing for my death. I have come to the conclusion that I am better off. It is not an easy task. I programmed myself when I was younger to die at/near 30. I kinda wanna go for more time. But I'm not nice anymore. I don't want to fight with people and if I don't talk people hate me. I prefer to text or message people. It is easier to control my mind. But it is unexceptionable in life.

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Aug 14

Faceless people everywhere. The ones I see, I hope do not see me. The ones that might see me, I prefer to hide. The ones that know me do not know me. I am lonely because I choose to be alone. I am alive because I am. My life has been what I made it, even if I didn't know what I was doing. But then, who does. Life is an adventure - live it the best you know how.

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Aug 15

@Error101 All of our lives will be over soon enough. 30 is so few years, why stop there? The older you get the faster the time goes, and you'll be 60 before you know it. Life only has as much enjoyment or meaning as you choose to give it. It is a gift that we get to be alive, even when it doesn't feel like it is. I hope you find something to keep going for <3


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