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DAY 2: CHANGE IN Routine [7:00AM] wake up [7:30AM] leave

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DAY 2: CHANGE IN Routine

[7:00AM] wake up
[7:30AM] leave for work
[8:00AM] eat salad instead of "nothing"
[8:30AM] begin work
[3:00PM] Chipotle chicken bowl
[10:00PM] go home from work.

This is day 2. This is what I had to do with my first job. I forgotten the name of the salad I purchase. But it's the same thing as the Wawa Chicken BLT salad in NJ. It gives me complete "Blissfulness". I am at peace like every morning at my last job in NJ in the morning. Since I had changed today. I have reduced,
1. Bad thoughts (2016)
2. Clapping (2017)
3. Grinding teeth since (2016)
4. Thoughts of hate.
I feel "normal" once again. I actually was able to listen to the radio for the first time since 2008. A total of 10 years of hating to listening radio people talking. These were clues for me to notice among others. My only concern is that Wawa had 10 salads ready and the place where I go only carries 2-4 salads. Which is a problem

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Jun 13

that's good news!

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Jun 13

Yes, I stop my mind from begin bad. It took me 2 years to Change my routine. But is it worth it ?? To a certain extent, I lost a job because of a salad.


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