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As i write this message. I wish I could tell mike and Cheste

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As i write this message. I wish I could tell mike and Chester bennington the truth. They are fighting between them on the internet boxing ring called social media ("Twitter"). Chester bennington may have vented during the times when he was depressed. Chester bennington was happy with linkin park. He join stone temples, but was dissatisfied. Everyone has their own nitch in music, but Chester was really effected. It's time for ghe family members to help his kids not fight back for past events. Chester is not here anymore. Mike shinoda is genuine friends with Chester, why else would he not be there by his side. He made linkin park who they were. His voice reached out. I don't blame anybody not even his therapist because nobody cares to understand. We have a "social norm" we must follow. Chester bennington was looking for a group of people like himself. I wish I told him. I was punching the wall at work for him. He would understand that I cared. I never thought of saying this on here because it is not aloud in my mind to vent to anyone else but yourself. I wish I could post thus on Twitter. But i am ashamed of who I am.

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Dec 4

well, you posted it here, for better or worse. I don't tweet, don't know how it works, don't want to know. did it help to get it out?

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Dec 5

@NormalFreak101 so vent it. come here and vent it.


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