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4:34PM: how do I make people understand that this is all par

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4:34PM: how do I make people understand that this is all part of beginning "ASD"? Because I have been this way all my life

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Jan 11

Still. Does anyone feel that our voices should be heard? That there should be a program or an initiative in the same way that there are initiatives about racial profiling, gender equality and other similar things? Because in a way, it is discrimination. That we were born differently to most people with less social skills or awareness. And it isn't fair that in this society we always have to try twice as hard as any normal person to make friends while having a much higher chance of being rejected than normal people. There should be programmes, movements and maybe even protests to truly raise awareness. Some people were born differently to the majority. That's not a crime or anything to deserve being rejected and less popular. People should not judge others. We shouldn't have to keep this part of ourselves a secret from the norm. We should be allowed to display the aspects of ourselves that society calls unusual and they should accept us regardless. Anyone agree?

Jan 12

I'm also a recovering alcoholic and am very open about it. I know other alcoholics who keep it a secret, even if that haven't had a drink for years. I think it should be up to the individual. Bill Gates , Jerry Seinfeld and Dan ankroyd have all gone public with it but I don't know if that's good for everyone.

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Jan 15

@Vroom25 Normal or not, we are on level playing field except status. Status I am meaning money. Some people are abused, drugs, orphans and then you ask me what is normal. Orphans if not adopted are kicked out by age 18 to the streets. Drugs can ruin anyone ("reference to Budweiser family"). Abused I referred to Angelina Jolee and Oprah. Then you have people on the streets. College people could be there. Then it is "us". My response is that you can remove "money" and all the problems in the world will disappear. But then what will happen. Lazy people won't work as oppose to those who are smarter. It all depends on the individual attitude towards life. But I do agree with you. But let's face it. It's a system that is working wonderful. But I think it is a good thing to change the way we are compensated. Hours/rate is terrible. I'm not a slow person. I like to move quickly.


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