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~~~~~Trigger warning~~~~~ I haven't self harmed in 3 ye

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~~~~~Trigger warning~~~~~

I haven't self harmed in 3 years 2 months. I don't have any frustration(s). I am totally at peace, but i am still addicted. I want to ("i imagine") see myself doing it again. I am holding out right now. I feel that i need something to occupy my mind when at work. But i can not figure it out.

Any suggestions will be great, i felt that assembling a gokart or something would keep my mind busy.

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Jan 10

If you like to keep your hands busy you coul get like a small toy to take apart/put together, draw or write, for a bigger project you could go to a resale store and find something to refurbish (I tried that once and it really helped me). If you are looking for something to keep your mind busy I like to take songs I know and try to recite them backwards... It's not as easy as it sounds and takes your thoughts and focus off the urge to cut :) I hope that helps, I relapsed not too long ago so I'm not sure how sound my advice is, but I hope that helps.


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