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You weren't suppose to bleed with me Sometimes these things

You weren't suppose to bleed with me
Sometimes these things just happen
Before you take it way too far
You gotta know that this will never happen

They're so dull
They'll only kill you one by one
So just go
Cause you know
I'll do it again and again

You know there's only seconds left
We've waited for so long
You're not so easily impressed

How am I supposed to get out of this one [x2]

I'll take what's mine and walk away

buddhabob's picture
Mar 12

Interesting... I'm a very prosaic person, awful at understanding poetry. Care to elaborate for my benefit?


@buddhabob song name is: confessions - bleed the dream.

buddhabob's picture
Mar 12

Thanks - but I still don't understand it! Just not my thing, perhaps.


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