I need help with distracting from bullies at work. Being tha

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I need help with distracting from bullies at work. Being that I have ASD. I was thinking of ways to distract myself from them. I was thinking of headphones

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Jun 18

Love the rainymood stuff!

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Jun 20

Well, I guess that would depend on what you do for a living... I think the headphones idea is a great one. In the past, there was an iPhone app called ChatterBlocker that I found and my son used at school; however, I just looked & they're out of business. That doesn't mean that there aren't others available that would do the same thing.

I read some of your past posts.

Whatever it is that you have done, do now, or PLAN to do in the future... always remember this: You process the world differently from neurotypical people... AND THAT IS A WONDERFULLY GREAT THING. Those who do not understand you are simply missing out; they'll probably never "get it." So sad for them... truly... MANY of the game-changers in this world had and still do have Aspergers/ ASD/ Autism.

You hang in there and find your joy. :)

Jun 21

I love the idea of headphones, they should work great for you. And you can listen to whatever helps you think better too! SUPER IDEA!


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